How to Use the Sears Store Locator

With so many Sears stores operating in the United States, it should not be difficult to find one branch near you. However, there are times that you are really so busy that you need to have a tool to facilitate your search for a Sears store if you need to.

So, the company has designed a system by which it would be easy for their customers to locate a Sears store near them. By using a Sears store locator, you will never waste time in searching, but will be able to go right away shopping.

All you need to do is to visit a Sears store locator website. This website does not list the current products that Sears sell, but all the United States Sears locations where you can do your shopping

Sears Store Locator

Step By Step Guide

You will need this website if you want to shop in a physical Sears store. This is what you need to do.

1. On the Sears store locator website, you will find all the states in the Union listed on the page. The states are listed alphabetically, from Alabama down to Wyoming.
2. Click on the particular state where you are or where you want to do your shopping.
3. The page will automatically scroll down to the state that you have chosen. That particular section will show you the number of stores in that state, each store’s specific address as well as its phone number.

4. When you want to search for other stores in another state, just click the ‘Back to the top’ button and you will be led to the top of the webpage where you can resume your search.

Another way to find Sears stores in any area in the world is to use your favorite browser. Just type the words ‘Sears store locator’ on the search box and you will be provided with a list of websites where you can do your Sears auto locations search.

Some store locators are provided with maps while most will provide you with the lists of countries or states where you can find Sears stores.